The World is Your Gallery

Photopia Products and Image Storage

We currently offer a number of print products for shipment to addresses in the United States. Shipping to addresses outside of the US is currently not supported.

The basic membership is free of charge. This provides you with storage for 100 images that may be included in Photopia as products at any one time.

Image Review

You may upload any image into your image storage at any time. You must own the rights to any image you upload.

If you choose to offer an image in Photopia, and you are a new member, we will review the image before it goes live. Once it goes live, you may change the Photopia markup at any time without further review. You may also take the image out of Photopia. If you change the image, or resubmit it after taking it out of Photopia, another review will occur.

Acceptable Images

Photopia is, first and foremost, about great photographs. We are getting some absolutely brilliant work, which makes us all very happy, so give us your best work!

That said, here are some things that won't be accepted:

  • Anything that appears in any way to violate any kind of copyright. For background on why we err on the side of exclusion, do a Web search for "Digital Millenium Copyright Act".
  • Any image that is poor quality, meaning among other things, out-of-focus, too dark, too low resolution, or just plain awful.
  • Anything offensive. Photopia is family-friendly so please keep that in mind when submitting.

Auto Approval

Established members who submit acceptable images will have their accounts upgraded to auto-approval, in which case submitted images are immediately published.

Selling Price

When you offer a product in Photopia, you may assign a markup calculated against the wholesale product price. The currently available markups are those displayed in the image upload page, either in our app or on the Web. The retail price for your products then becomes the wholesale price adjusted by the markup.

The wholesale price is simply that displayed for your products with a markup of "None", or 0.

For example, if the wholesale price for an 8x10 print is $3.00, here is what the retail price will be at several markup levels:

  • 25% - $3.75
  • 50% - $4.50
  • 75% - $5.25
  • 100% - $6.00

Our user interface makes it easy to view the wholesale price, and your potential products with markup. Until you actually submit your image update, no changes are made to the product markup.

Your Royalties

The amount you earn from a sale depends on the dollar amount of your markup. This is the current schedule:

  • Markup .01 to $5.00: No fee. Your royalty is 100% of the markup.
  • Markup $5.01 to $10.00: 5% fee. You earn 95% of the markup.
  • Markup $10.01 or more: 10% fee. You earn 90% of the markup
The amount you will earn for any product is displayed in our user interface when you assign the markup.

Receiving your Royalties

In order to receive your royalties, you must have a valid PayPal account, and provide us with the email address for that account. Payments are made at the end of every business month, following the month in which the sales were made that contributed to your royalties. Your total payment will be the sum of your royalties (as described in "Your Royalties"), less any refunds for sales of your products that were returned.

Tax Reporting Requirements

The US Internal Revenue Service requires that we report (by way of the 1099 form) payments of $600 or more in any one year to any one individual. We realize obtaining personal information is a sensitive matter, and do not ask for any in order to allow you to start selling on Photopia. Instead, once your royalties in any calendar year reach $500, at that time you must provide us with your tax identifying number. This will ensure we have the proper information prior to your obtaining the $600 level. If you do not provide us this information, we will remove your products from Photopia for the remainder of the calendar year, or until the tax ID is provided. We appreciate your cooperation.